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One bite is the brainchild of Elena Shifrin, ceo and founder

Elena, an award-winning serial entrepreneur honored by Forbes and E&Y, has the goal of creating science-based low glycemic snacks for individuals focused on longevity and beauty. With a personal passion for healthy living and a deep understanding of blood sugar management challenges, Elena set out to create snacks that taste great while supporting a healthy lifestyle. She obtained her education at Regent's Business University in London, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, and Stanford University.

Science-based complex

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lowers incremental glucose and insulin response by half, significantly lowers the postprandial response.
reduces the risk of blood clots forming in overweight, obese or sedentary populations.
BENEO oligofructose
lowers and balances blood sugar rise.
improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism
Rosemary extract
exhibits protective properties against hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.

ONE Bite is the first science-backed low GI snack brand that is clinically proven and formulated by a team of medical experts and nutritionists.

According to the studies, selected components could affect the cellular level, improve insulin resistance, break down Advanced Glycation End products (AGE), and influence epigenetic modulation.

Sources: 2023 Tate&Lyle; www.beneo.com; Thompson et al Br J Nutr (2017) 118:368–374; Kuwahara M, Kim HK, Nutrients, 2020;12:1580; Saeid Golbidi, Front Pharmacol. 2011; 2: 69.

In September 2023, ONE Bite underwent human research studies to ascertain and validate the low glycemic load (GL) andindex (GI) of our snacks

Path from Laboratory Sample to Batch

Our innovative approach, interactions with leading scientists and organizations, recipe creation at the ONE Bite Research Center, and production in our own factory enable us to maintain control over the entire process from start to finish.

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